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All surnames Luszcz
All places Strykow, Starachowice Poland
Research notes I am interested in finding my Granfather's family history. His name
was Walentin Luszcz (original spelling of surname) It was at some point
shortened to Luscz, and given "Lust" apparently by the census takers in
the US.

Granfather's DOB - 12-14-1889  DOD 5-26-35. He was originally from
Strykow(Stykow?) Poland, Starachowice County. He emigrated aboard the
ship S.S. Armenia from Hamburg to Ellis Island NY 1-29-06 - 2-13-06. He
then resided in Windber, PA with my Grandmother Sophia Zajac - also from
Poland - where he died in a mining accident - age 45. My family
unfortunately does not have any family documents. My father Michael
passed 1.5 years ago.

I am new to ancestry research. I have so far attained ship manifests
for both Granparents, census records, death certificate for my
Grandfather, but no marriage certificate. They met in the states.

According to the census records, my Grandparents did not naturalize
before my father was born, actually some time after. I am interested in
possibly obtaining a EU Passport which is why I am in need of family
history, specifically on my Grandfather, but would love info on Great
Granparents and beyond if at all possible.

Any information or steering me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.