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All surnames Pawluk, Motkowsky, Wolanski
All places Austria, Galicia, Krakow
Research notes My G-G-Grandfather Josef Motkowsky, Birth:1860 in what I think may be Krakow? His father died when he was 6 yrs, and at nine he was sent to live with priests ( leads me to believe his mother was alive in those years)> He stayed with the priests until he was 14 yrs and learned the trades of Blacksmithing and Carpentry.After this there is no info until he gets married to Marian Wolanski 1891.They came to Canada in 1903 and settled in Bruce,Alberta, where they are buried. My G-Grandfather Paval Pawluk was born approx 1888 ( or 1890, have different info) in Austria. He came to Canada April.17.1911 and settled in Bruce,Alberta. He met and married Katha Motkowsky here, they died in 1923 and 1924 and are buried in the Polska Cemetery. It appears that 2 other Pawluks traveled on the same ship. Dmytro Pawluk and Petro Pawluk (Have to wonder if they are family)? I have so little information as my grandfather lost his father and mother when he was just a baby. My grandfather raised me and he always wondered where his family came from. He has since passed away and the mystery has been passed to me to solve. Sadly grandpa did not teach me polish as a child, so I struggle on with the kind help of others.
I have been told this makes no sense but here goes" It was written in a book that my Great-Great_Grandfather was born in Woyla Gnoitcha,Krackowic,Republic Of Poland ( Hlanitza) Maybe someone can make sense of that for me.