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All surnames Laskowski, Kaczynski, Kolodko
All places Jasionowka, Milewskie
Research notes I am attempting to research my family tree.  My grandfather, Boleslaw Laskowski was born February 1893 In Mikewskie to Kazimierz and Zuzanna (Kolodko).  My grandmother, Bronislawa Kaczynska was born in Jasionowka around 1894.  No information on her parents.  But she did have a brother, Piotr Kaczynski, who in 1988 when I visited, was still alive, and a cousin, Piotr's daughter, Zofia Kaczynska, born 1942.  Zofia worked in a bank locally and was guardian to her niece, Ella.  I believe her full name is Elzbieta Hryn, born in 1968.  I am trying to find any information on both my paternal grandparents' families and possilby locate Ella.  Unfortunately, I speak no Polish and am lost on some of the Polish sites.