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All surnames Kasztelan, Szymanski
All places Prawno, Lublin
Research notes Great grandfather's name: Wladyslaw (Walter) Kasztelan. 

Born: 1 Jan 1882 in Prawno/Lublin.

Had a sister named Rozada; Born:abt 1889. Immigrated to US (New York) September 1913 with husband John (Jan?) Pawelczyk

Wladyslaw and Rozada's parents were named Frank and Mary ( Maiden name possibly Piatek?)

Possible name change because family was sent to Siberia, family was allowed to leave when Wladyslaw was 14 (1896?) under the condition that they change their name.

Married Bronislawa Szymanski (B: 1887- Prawno, Luberlskie Poland) in Poland.  Bronslawa's father's name Jan Szymanski.  Mother's maiden name: Zawoł

Had 5 children- 3 in Poland- 2 in Chicago. Two of the children born in Poland passed away in childhood or were stillborn. Children: Czeslaw (Chester- born in Poland/Russia)1907 or 1909; Edward (1914) and Helena (Helen)- 1917 or 1919.

Wladyslaw immigrated to US around 1910 via Canada- no records obtained thus far.

Bronislawa and her son, Czeslaw arrived in New York with her brother Emil Szymanski in November 1912 per ship's manifest. Moved to Chicago and then later to Detroit.

Both Wladyslaw (Walter) & Bronislawa (Bernice) passed away in 1967.  Bernice: 8 January 1967 in Ohio- Walter: 10 Mar 1967- Detroit, Michigan