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Research notes Hello! I am writing in the hopes of finding out information on my family.  My parents both came from Poland after WWII.  My father, Frank Krawczyk, was born in Podhucie, Poland in 1921.  He was one of 8 children.  He was in forced labor under Hitler, and after being liberated became a civilian member of the U.S. Army and later moved to the U.S.

My mother, Aniela Wojtowicz, was born in Zakopane, Poland.  She and her family were moved to vaious refugee camps around the world during WWII and eventually resettled in the U.S.

Both of my parents were Catholic and my father was baptized in this church:  Parafia Rzymasko-Katolicka pw. sw. Apolstolow Piotra i Pawla.

Does anyone know where I can find more information about my parents' families? My hope is to have someone help me write a letter in Polish to my father's church (I know it is still open) and that maybe they will have records.  I am lost as to anything else.