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All surnames Rol, Bryjak, Kowalkowski, Dlugopolski, Jakubiec, Wojciak, Dziadkowiec, Szot, Obryk
All places Dlugopole, Banska, Blaszkowa, Jaslo
Research notes I'm of German descent on the maternal side and of Polish-American descent on the paternal side of my family. My paternal grandparents were Polish immigrants to the United States who met and married in Chicago. My father was one of their ten children who reached adulthood. My paternal grandmother was born 1888 in Blaszkowa, the daughter of Jakub Szot, born 1860 in Blaszkowa, and Agata Obryk, born 1865 in Jaslo. Blaszkowa is a small village in south-east Poland about seven miles north-west of Jaslo and about 30 miles south-west of Rzeszow. My paternal grandfather was born 1890 in Budapest, the son of Jakub Rol, born abt. 1861 in Banska, and Rozalia Bryjak, born 1864 in Dlugopole. Banska and Dlugopole are small villages in the district of Nowy Targ, located at the foothills of the Polish Tatra Mountains, a beautiful and interesting area that I have focussed my research on during the last years.