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All surnames Weisbawierzba
All places Nowy Targ
Research notes looking for any information about my Grandmother who immigrated to America around 1888, she was baptized in a small wooden church, i think in Nowy Targ or perhaps that is the town where her family paid their taxes, i thought she was 12 or 13 years old when she had to leave her family in Poland, i know that she boarded a ship in Breman, Germany, and i do not know if her friend, Rosie Stanpolsky was someone she met on the ship or knew from her birth town.  On some records in America, her surname is recorded as Weisba and also as Wierzba and some records show her birthplace as Austria and/or Hungary and i realize at that era in history the area of Poland where she had been born was under their rule when she immagrated to America.  I do not know if the spelling of her first name was Wikoria, or Wytoria, or Wiki or Wika but in all the records i have hound in America, her first name is spelled Victoria.  Thank you for any help you might be able to afford....Most Sincerely, Bernadine