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All surnames Karnicki, Kawecki, Alak
All places Hniecki, Nowogrodek Belarus, Stargard Polska, Drawsko Pomorskie
Research notes My mother was Janina Karnicki born 1924 died 2007. I have limited information about her family who lived Hniecki, District Iwieniec? Nowagrodek Polska not far from Minsk and now Belarus.

Her father was Anton Karnicki her mother Maria Wierzbika (Wierzbicka). No information on where they married and in what year. He was a soldier in Polish army but died around 1925/26.

She had a younger brother called Jan Karnicki who sent photos to her in 1948/49.

In 1942 Janina was on the street going to work and with a number of people was rounded up by the German soldiers and put on a train. The journey was very bad, but she ended up in Germany where she worked in a factory till the end of the war. She met Waclaw Ala (Alak) and they married in 1946. I was born in Greven Germany in 1947, my brother Richard was born in 1949 and in 1950 we began the long journey to Australia. I live in Queensland, Australia.

She was able to communicate with her family up to 1949, and the news was that they were to be resettled to Poland near Szczecin. But once in Australia and moving about she lost touch with her family.

I am Danuta Alak (now Denise Alak married name Kawecki) eldest child of Janina and Waclaw and have been searching for information on Jan Karnicki from Belarus through MyHeritage, but no matches.

I recently received information that Jan MAY have resettled  DRAWSKO POMORSKIE.  NEAR STARGARD.

QUESTION--How do I find lists of people who were resettled to the western areas of Poland from eastern side of Poland ?

I sent a request to Stargard Gazetta so an advertisement could be put in their paper, but have received NO reply. Now I have found the Urban Office in Drawsko but am unsure HOW to ask for Help as I have photos of Jan with his Mother and Grandmother, but no other iinformation, e.g did he marry, does he have grandchildren. I am sure he knew his sister was going to live in Australia, but will his family know of this??

Back to my Question- Availability of Lists of people resettled to Poland after WWII about 1948-1950.

Happy with any suggestions of where to look further, but can only do this on the Internet.