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Ostoyke, Fabian
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Rosenberg, Finckenstein
Research notes
Ostoyke is an unusual name, there is only one famiy descended from this name in New Zealand, as the family had many daughters and only two sons.  John Henry Ostoyke was my great grandfather.  His brother Julius immigrated with his parents and sister, but was never heard of again..  Many rumours (joined the navy being the main one).  Ostoyke has various spellings on documents: O'STOYKE, OSTOYKE, O'STYKE, OSTYKE, OSTOIGKE ++ a couple of others.  An early record (his will) just gives his mark, so I wonder about the true spelling of his surname??

There are some Ostoyke people in Germany today - I have contacted them but they no very little of their heritage.  The family was in Poland up to end of WWII when they were relocated back to Germany.

There are also some Ostoyke surnames in USA but I have not made any contact with them as yet.

Johann O'STOYKE was born about 1840, in Germany. He married Wilhelminna
FABIAN in 1865. They had 11 children in 19 years. He died on August 9,
1927, at the age of 87 in New Zealand. Johann was born about 1840 at Finckenstein,
parents unknown. Married some time around 1865 in Rosenberg (first child
born 1865). In 1872 he came to NZ on the ship FRIEDBERG - a 786 ton
ship with 292 passengers, 175 of them were German speaking.