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All surnames Socha, Witkowicz
All places Krakow, Boleslaw
Research notes My great grandmother, Katarzyna Josephine Socha immigrated to the US in 1901.  Her husband, Filip Joseph Socha had already immigrated - sometime after June of 1900.  They settled in Gilbertsville, MA.  

The stories that I have been told is that my GGM worked in the mills in Krakow when she met my GGF.  On the ship's manifest, Boleslaw is listed as the last residence.  She listed her nationality as Austrian.  On US documents, she listed her maiden name as "Vikar", but I found that the 'V' is actually how the 'W' was pronouned, and it's it was probably "Wikar".  On another document, I found (cannot remember where) that her maiden name was "Wikowicz"  I have searched for Socha and Wikowicz in Boleslaw, Krakow, and all over Poland, but I have not been able to find any records for my great grandparents, nor my grandmother, Josephine Socha, who was (according to records, but not birth certificate) born in Krako, Malpoloski Poland in 1899.  She had three siblings that had been born in Poland, and I cannot find anything for any Socha from 1895-1901.  

Any help would be appreciated.