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All surnames Szamborska, Szamborski, Samborski, Pancros
All places Warsaw, Poleski Province, Poleski Gubernia, Gubernia Podlaska, Lublin
Research notes I am a third-generation American, whose great grandparents were born in Poland. My grandmother, Regina Szamborska McIntyre's parents were both from Poland. She has always been fascinated with her ancestry and heratige, but unfortunately, her parents barely supplied her with any accurate information about their past. She became a writer, and because she could never trace her family back to Poland, she took general information her mother and father gave her about their lives and truned it into three historical fiction novels. Her most recent book "The Resistance," is currently being published one chapter at a time in each issue of The Polish American Journal. She turns 85 in October and is working on her last novel about her mother, Josephine, but she finds herself at a standstill not knowing anything about her past. For her 85th birthday, I would love to give her any information I can about where she comes from. I've started an ancestry.com account, but without accurate last names of her parents or any names of her grandparents, or any accurate places of birth, I am stuck. Hopefully this website will allow me to find information about our family.