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Research notes I am looking for any information on my maternal grandfathers family. Born 25 September 1925, believed to have been born around Radom, Poland (but cant find any documents to confirm this.) The youngest of 6 siblings. Parents Jozef Jankowski and a Joanna Jankowski (maiden name unknown) (date of birth or marriage is also not known)

After WW2 he was a displaced person and moved to the UK, i have confirmed residence in staffordshire in 1961, but have no idea where he was during the war or up until 1961. we believe he was used as forced labor in German occupied Poland during the war.

He later settled in after marrying my Nanna, working in coal mines and later in confectionery, and raised 3 children. He died 21st August 1988.

The only sibling i have been able to trace from family documents was a Stefan Jankowski, born 26th December 1923, emigrated to Smith falls, Hamilton, Canada, died in 2007.

Another sibling is possibly a Maria Jankowski, no other known details


We have lost contact with the family in Canada and any that may still be in Poland after my Nanna died in 2009. hoping to be able to fill in some blanks and find the rest of our family.