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All surnames Matyasik, Kukulka, Schlacta
All places Osielec, Dlugopole
Research notes Searching for my roots in Poland, with very little information given about ancestors lives in the "old country". 


Great Grandfather- Alex (Alojzy) Matyasik b. 18 June 1894 d. 1966.Immigrated to Chicago, Illinois in May 1912. On passenger list- last residence Osielec, (Austria/Poland) father's name Josef Matyasik. Worked in Chicago union stockyards, lived in Back of Yards neighborhood. 

Oral history- Alex's mother died when he was young and his father remarried. Had three sisters  (not sure if they were half-sisters or if they were step-sisters). Alex at one point went to live with an uncle and his male cousins on their farm. Alex's father left for America to earn money and send back to family in Poland. He came back and a short time later, then Alex went to America. 

Great Grandmother- Anna Schlachta (Szlachta, Schlacta) b. 4 January 190 d. 1970. Immigrated to Chicago, Illinois in January 1914 with her mother Josefina. They were meeting Ignazy (husband/father) who had traveled there a few months before them.  Passenger List: Last Residence was Dlugopole,Galicia. Name Anna Kukulka (morher/Grandmother) was listed for relative.

Anna married Alex January 1917, possibly at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Chicago. Together they had 5 children, at least two were baptised at St. John of God parish.

Great-Great Grandmother Josefina (or Josephine, Josefa, Jozefa) Kukulka b. 15 March 1877 d. 1955. Mother's name was Anna, father's name could be John Kukulka.  I know of at least one sister [Julia Wesolowski  (nee Kukulka) immigrated to Chicago. She died in 1930, was told she fell from balcony while hanging or taking down wash. ]

Great-Great Grandfather Ignazy (or Ignac) Schlachta (Szlachta, Schlacta) b. 4 July 1876. d. 1950 Immigrated to Chicago in September 1913. 

Oral history- was told that Ignazy worked as a machinist in old country and he, his wife and child lived in Budapest for sometime before coming to America.