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All surnames Kalec, Laski, Lopata, Chrobak, Komperda, Jasien, Panek, Slimak
All places Zaluczne, Odrowaz, Stare Bystre, Rogoznik, Harklowa
Research notes Surname interests include Kalec, Laski, Lopata, Chrobak, Komperda, Jasien, Panek, Slimak.

Places of interest are Zaluczne, Odrowaz, Stare Bystre, Rogoznik, and Harklowa.

I have visited Zaluczne and neighboring villages several times in the past, first being 1992. I have since been back several times, most recently 2016.

My contact in the area is the mayor of Zaluczne, Thadeusz Czepiel.

Grandfather Mathieu Kalec born in 1864 in Zaluczne to Andrzes Kalec and Regina Lopata. Mathieu siblings included Agnieszka, Franciszek, Jakub, Wincenty, William, Jan Kanty, and Martha. Mathieu came to the US in 1891 to Chicago.

Grandmother Caroline Laski(a) was born in 1885 in Stare Bystre, baptized in Rogoznik. Parents were Joannes Laski and Agnes Chrobak. Caroline siblings included Jan, Joseph, and Wiktoria. Caroline came to Chicago in 1906.

Mathieu Kalec and Caroline Laski were married in Chicago in 1907. They moved to Mystic Iowa, and eventually settled in Braidwood, Illinois. They had seven (7) children (Sally, Sophie, William, Jean, Victoria, Mary, and John)

Mathew's first wife (Clara Guziek?) passed away in I believe Harklowa after having two children, Aniela and Anna.

My objectives:

1) Visit church in Odrowaz and be able to look at records for more information on Kalec family.

2) Research church records in Rogoznik for Laski family information.

3) Review Harklowa church records to understand Mathieu Kalec and his first wife time period in that parish.