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All surnames Mrozek, Kwak, Leja, Gorz
All places Rogoznik, Koniowka
Research notes I am look to get additional information for my grandparent Agnieszka Kwak, DOB 1/10/1888 and Andrezj Mrozek, DOB 10/23/1979 who left Poland in 1903 and 1904. They were married in 1905 and Andrezj worked in the PA coal mines. They later came briefly to Chicago in 1907, then to Pana, Illinois and finally to Ellsinore, Missouri.

Jacob and Regina Kwak; nee Leja, were the parents of Agnieszka Kwak and Tomasz. The Kwak family were residents of Koniowka and are still in the town.

Maciej and Marianna Mrozek; nee Gorz, were the parents of Andrezj Mrozek and a Macej, who died at age 7. The Mrozek family seem to be associated with Rogoznik.

Teofil and Maria Gorz; nee Tylka were the parents of Marianna Mrozek; nee Gorz. 

Both of their ship manifest papers state Rogoznik, Poland as their Polish residence. 

Agnieszka died on 12/9/1945 in Ellsinore, Missoui and is buried in Detroit Michigan. Andrezj died on 12/31/1965, in Detroit Michigan and is buried there. All 7 of their children are deceased.

There was a fire in the church in Rogoznik in approx 1872 and all previous records were lost.

Are there any civil records that would be available for information prior to 1872?