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All surnames Szeliga-socinski, Szeliga, Socinski
All places Kiblicz, Kublicz
Research notes My grandmother's maiden name is Szeliga-Socinski. Centuries ago, out family worked for a certain Lord with the last name Szeliga. Our original family surname is Socinski, although I have seen the name spelled Sozincski, and Soczinski. My grandmother says it just depends on who spells it and their native tongue. During some great battle, my family fought bravely and heroically for their Lord and was granted the addition of the Lord's name and rights to his crest so from then on my family was Szeliga-Socinski. My grandmother's father comes from a small village named Kiblicz (or Kublicz) which was in the Galicia region and now part of the Ukraine. Before my great grandfather my family just disappears. I am trying to track down my Polish heritage and find out more about my family and where we come from. My grandmother even remembers stories from her father that we have some direct relationship to the first Queen of Poland, however, I have not been able to track my ancestry on the Polish side so I am not sure exactly how we are descended from her or our relationship to her. I am searching for help.


Thank you!