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All surnames Fital, Fital, Fitol, Babiarz, Brandza, Surowiec, Swider, Rozmus
All places Ropczyce, Rzeszow, Borekwielki
Research notes My grandparents were from the Ropczyce and Borekwielki area in Rzeszow and came to the US around 1910 - 1912.

My grandfather was Stanislaw Fitął (in English spelled Fital or Fitol), born in 1888 in Ropczyce.  His brother Jan and two sisters, Stefania (Surowiec) and Katarzyna (Swider) remained in Poland and had children and grandchildren.  The only grandchild I know of was Stanislawa Rozmus - I corresponded with her in the early 1970s when we were students; she would be in her early 60s now.  Stanislaw's father was named Fabian and mother was Franciska; grandfather was named Florian.

My grandmother was Marya Babiarz, born in 1894; her parents were Dominic Babiarz and Lucia Brandza.  We believe she came from Borekwielki and moved to the US with her sister Anna in 1912.  We know nothing else about her family.

I've been doing some research on ancestry.com, PolishRoots, Family Search and Polish Geneology, but the only information I've found has been from the US, with nothing from Poland.

I'd greatly appreciate any information anyone can tell me about my family!


Dennis Anipen