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All surnames Zalot, Krapko, Drahuschak, Melnyk, Gryszkiewicz, Miksiewicz
All places Brzozow, Jablonki
Research notes Looking for information about my grandparents' families. My grandfather Franciszek Jozef Zalot was born in Brzozow on 10.10.1896 to Jozef and Maria Zalot and emigrated to America (via Pennsylvania) in 1913/1914. I know very little about my grandfather's family, other than that they owned a farm in the area, and that cousins were born in the thatched roof home at least into the 1950s. Jozef's mother's maiden name was Miksiewicz, Maria (Marianna)'s maiden name was Gryszkiewicz. Anything I could find out would be very, very helpful.

Also searching for information on Antony and Baraska (sp? It was also shortened to Baska, and occasionally listed as "Pearl") Krapko, my grandmother's parents. They were almost certainly Lemko, emigrating from Galicia in 1900 and 1902, respectively. Their two (three?) eldest children were born before they emigrated. I assume the name could be variously spelled as Chrapko/Chrabko etc because it would have likely been in Cyrillic: they were "Greek Catholic", i.e. Uniate Catholic. Baska's maiden name was Drahuschak (possibly Drahuszczak in Cyrillic), and her mother's maiden name was Melnyk. "Tony" was born in 1870, Baska in 1869. Baska's family was originally from the town of Jabłonki, according to a late attestation of birth requested by her niece, Catherine.