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All surnames Las, Stanek, Mis, Glowicki, Fudala, Szaflarski, Kusper, Kwak, Zuromski, Siemaszko, Maksymicz, Krakowski, Gidzinski, Sawryj, Markiewicz, Zarowny, Dominikow, Starzynska, Fosion, Jaremus
All places Odrowaz, Czarny Dunajec, Jaremcze, Punzany, Nowa Wilejka, Kosow, Bucach-chortkov
Research notes I have a fair amount of information about my ancestry.  I am currently focusing my occasional analysis on two areas. The first is my grandmother's Czarny Dunajec / Odrowaz ancestry.  The second is my Jaremus / Zuromski ancestry in the Wilno area.

I recently had some research done for my great grandmother Aniela Franciszka Las' who lived and died in Czarny Dunajec but was born in Odrowaz.  Her birth date was March 26, 1868.  She died on March 8, 1958 and is buried next to her eldest son Jan Figus in the CzD cemetery.  Aniela's mother was Sophia Mis, whose parents were Vincent Mis and Rozalia Glowicki.  Her father was Vincent Las, whose parents were Jan Las and Marianna Stanek.  All of these folks are from Odrowaz. 

Aniela F. Las was married to Szezepan (Stephanus) Figus - from Czarny Dunajec.  They were married sometime around 1885.  Szezepan was the son of Joseph Figus and Anna Fudala.  He died in 1919-1920 during the Great Influenza Epidemic on his way to hospital in Nowy Targ.  We do not know where he was buried.

I would be most interested in obtaining more information about Aniela and Szezepan's ancestors (their birth, marriage and or death dates).

As to my second focus area, my father Teodor Jaremus was born in Gryfice, Germany to Polish migrant laborers.  He grew up in Gdynia, Poland.  His father was Teodor as well who was born in Kupczynce, a very small village near Tarnopol, Russia.  His mother was Julia Zuromska who was born in Punzany, Nova Wilejka, Russia.  These areas were Polish areas of Russia which became Polish territory and then after WWII - Ukraine / Lithuania respectively.  Am interested in further information about my Zuromski / Jaremus lines.