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Wirchnianski, Kolodiezj, Gregor
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Warszawa, Krakow
Research notes
I am a 32 year old female married 5 years. Mother of three sons-ages 14,8, and 1 years old. My grandmother-in-law lives out in Utah, a mormon who does genealogy for her church decided to sit down one day and create a family tree for my children for when they got older so they could know their heritage and what not... then she got stumped when it came to my Lineage The Huling family genealogy was easy enough to find since there is a book already written for them but my maternal lineage was very difficult since my mothers family is from Poland. My grandmothers maiden name is Gregor. Her first name is Antonina. Her fathers name is Ignacy and her mother first name was Petrolina we don't know Petrolina's maiden name. My grandfather's name is Peter Wirchnianski, not sure if that is the correct spelling or if it was changed when they arrived in America on Ellis Island. His mother's first name is Mary. She married twice after my grandfather's father passed away. We don't know my grandfather's first name. When Mary passed away her married surname was Kolodiezj. Her husband John Kolodiezj predeceased her. This very difficult for me to find any ancestors when the databases can't even find my grandparents with the surname I have. I need lots of help.