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All surnames Zembal, Sral, Krol, Mroszczak, Kopec
All places Waksmund, Lasek, Letownia
Research notes My grandparents emigrated to Canada from Poland in 1929. My grandfather Antoni Zembal (born April 11, 1900 in Lasek) married my grandmother Antonina Zembal (born 1905 Waksmund) on July 30, 1922 in Waksmund. My grandfather Antoni's parents were Wojciech Zembal and Leonia Zembal from Letownia and Lasek respectively. His latin birth record lists that Wojciech Zembal's parents were Jan and Cunegunda Zembal and Leonia Kopec's parents were Joseph Kopec and Marie Krol. This branch of the family travelled to the USA many times. My great grandmother Leonia Zembal and great uncles John Zembal and Frank Zembal lived in Chicago Illinois and never returned to Poland. In fact, my great-uncle John was born in Chicago. My grandmother Antonina's parents were Wojciech Sral and Maria Mroszczak from Waksmund. My grandmother's older sister travelled to Chicago Illinois in 1909 and returned to Poland in 1913. She travelled on the ship S.S. Zieten accompanied by friend Marya Waksmundzka and cousin Katarzyna Mroszcak. However my grandmother only travelled once and that was to emigrate to Canada in 1929 with my grandfather.