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All surnames Laskowski, Joachimiak, Orzechowski, Krakowiak, Jachimiak, Iskra, Matras, Koper
All places Rybitwy, Basonia, Boiska, Nieszawa, Sosnowa Wola
Research notes Going back about 250 years, my grandmother's ancestors have been traced in Gmina Jozefow (Rybitwy, Basonia, Nieszawa, Boiska) in Opole Lubelski County and a neighboring village in the Gmina Dzierzkowice, within Kraśnik County (Sosnowa Wola). Historically, they were peasant farmers and day laborers.  My great grandparents immigrated to Luzerne Co, Pennsylvania in the 1910s and both were married to other people, had children and were widowed within a few years of their arrival.  They then married each other.  Though from neighboring parishes.  I have a number of letters from the family in Poland that date from the 1940s to the 1960s that give clues to the family in Poland.