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All surnames Pekruhl, Demski, Fronczak, Gwiazda, Dembek, Grabowski
All places Borowo, Rypien, Jednorozec, Lubin
Research notes I was born in the USA.  My Grandfather, Teofil Fronczak married Franczeska Gwiazda in Jednorozec Poland.  I have some good leads, back several generations for Teofil, but nothing on Franczeska and their life before coming to the US, except that they had one child in Poland, Teofilia, who died and is buried in Jednorozec.  My other grandparents I have nearly nothing on.  They were in either Rypien, or Borowo.  His name was Jan Pekruhl and hers was Marianna Demski, or Dempski (we really are not sure of the spelling.  They came to the US in 1902 and I have an Ellis Island passage record of her and some of the children.  Their life in Poland, other than the information that her family had a large farm, I know nothing of.  Any information on any of these areas would be very helpful.