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All surnames Zaleski, Adamczyk, Grzeca, Lassak, Jaworski
All places Bialystok, Gronkow, Poronin
Research notes I'm looking for the cities my family lived in. We are visiting Poland in July. 

My paternal side:

Zaleski - my great grandfather William Vincent Zaleski was born on April 13, 1890 in Bialystok and married Angela Grzeca. Angela had 4 siblings. William had a brother, who came with them to America via Ellis Island and they landed in Chicago. William's brother Stanislaw did not like America and returned. The story is that many of the Zaleski's were killed by the Natzi's. Would really like more info on the Zaleski side. We also believe the Grzeca's died too as my grandfather never spoke of them.


On my grandmother's side, Adamczyk - Frances Koziel - Lassak - Zadkos - 


My maternal side: