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All surnames Kieta, Starczewski, Tomaszewski
All places Nowy Targ
Research notes I am 4th generation Polish, and I have been desperately trying to find information from overseas about my family. Even though I grew up with some understanding of the Polish language from my great-grandmother and grandmother, I live 700 miles away from my grandmother now and her health has deteriorated to the point I can no longer ask questions. I have found information from the United States through ancestry.com, but have come to a dead end. I know the majority of my family came from Nowy Targ, and have sent numerous inquiries to city council and church websites, but have come up with nothing. If nothing else, I am dying to find out more about my great-great grandmother, who was the spouse of Leon Kieta, and mother of Helen Kieta (later Starczewska). I am really hoping this website will finally help me do that.