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All surnames Staniec, Szuba, Sikora, Batruch, Podgorski, Maslak, Paterek, Czopor, Porebski, Ratusz
All places Oslawica, Komancza, Radoszyce, Piotrawin, Lubelskie, Dydnia, Konskie, Gmina Dydnia, Sanok, Wola Michowa, Bielcza, Bukowsko, Nowy Lupkow, Poraz
Research notes Alexander Staniec, son of Joannes Staniec and Antonina Podgorska, was born in Oslawica in 1885.  His siblings were born there also.  He was Roman Catholic, but birth records are recorded in the Greek Orthodox records of the parish in Radoszyce, since the number of RC in Oslawica is very small.  From birth entries, it appears that Joannes worked for the railroad in Oslawica.  Oslawica was destroyed after WW2.

Victoria Sikora, spouse of Alexander Staniec, was daughter of Alexander Sikora and Jadwiga Paterek.   She was born October 1885, and her birth record is in the church books of Piotrawin, Pulawy, Lubelskie.

John (Jon) Szuba, son of Hilarius Szuba and Wladislawa Czopor, was born in Dydnia, Brzozow (near Sanok) in July 1888.  It is not clear that his birth year is available in records, but his siblings/parents have been found in the Roman Catholic church books for the surrounding years.

Anna Batruch, spouse of John Szuba, was apparently the daughter of Lucas Batruch and Maryanna Maslak born November 16 1877.  She was Ruthenian, and born in Konskie, gmina Dydnia in Galicia.   Greek Orthodox church books have shown records for an extensive number of Batruchs in Konskie and the surrounding area.  This is pieced together as most likely, based on evidence.  My Mother, Victoria (Szuba) Staniec said her mother, Anna, was daughter of Lucas (but did not know his wife's name), and that most of Anna's siblings died (apparently 7 of 10) and that she was orphaned by the time she was 13 or 14.  US-based records (including Ellis Island arrival, marriage, census, and death records) present changing birth years and ages, suggesting Anna was unsure when she was born. 

On-line records from Konskie show only one Lucas, who was widowed, and Maryanna was his second wife.  She had many children, several of which died, and she herself died by the 1890's.  Available records did not go far enough to see whether Lucas also died by around 1890.  Anna came to America in 1903, to 402 Pearl St in Syracuse, New York, which put her close in time and space to the arrival of John Szuba.