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All surnames Poczatek, Tokarz
All places Ropczyce, Klenczany, Brzoza Stadnicka
Research notes Roman Poczatek lived in Ropczyce.  Two relatives are sisters:  Frances Poczatek and Aniela Poczatek.  Both Frances and Aniela emmigrated to USA around 1900.  Their mother's name was Josephine Pawlek, not too sure of the spelling.  Aniela's immigration record with Ellis Island shows her last residence of Klenczany.  There may have a been a brother, Stanislaw.

Joseph Tokarz was from Austria or Poland.  He immigrated to USA around 1895.  His mother as Maryanna Puza and father's name was John.  This information is from a marriage certificate dated June 3, 1906 in New York.  Joseph Tokarz married Frances Poczatek.

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