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My name is Frank Rosen I was born in Holland. I am an artist I am interested in finding out where the creativity comes from and to know what kind of profession my ancesters had.

My Father is born in Berlin in 1906 My mother in Poznan in 1907. The roots of my fathers family go back to Karajanke where my greatgreatgrandfather was born in 1797. his name was Heymann (Chaim)Rosen  he died in Slupsk. I cannot find his parents. maybe somebody can help me.

I understand that his familyname Rosen started in 1797. before that it was something like Chaim ben ..........  and I think that his parents came from Lithonia or now Ukraina.

My greatgreatgrandmother was born in Anklam in 1808 she died in 1881 in Slupsk (Stolp)

I cannot find her parents as well.

Mymother came from a family with Luthern roots. my grandfather Hermann Gustav Adolf Hirte was born in Guben (german or Ponish side?) at 22-3-1876 his parents lived in Züllichau

olthough I got the names of his parents and grandparents and the data I cannot find anything . not with my heritage ,not with Family search.

I am looking for somebody to help me out.