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All surnames Blaszkiewicz, Augul
All places Sokolniki, Wilno, Zascianek-sokola
Research notes I am trying to trace my fatthers family, he came to New Zealand in 1950. I only have two documents, cert of identity for purposes of immigration, dated 1950. Waclaw blaszkiewicz date of birth 10/5/1923 zascianek-sokola Poland. Father kazimierz Blaskiewicz mother Julia augulia. This was isssued at Fallingbostel. The other document is a testimony of birth and baptism issued in 1949 by the Roman Catholic pastorate for poles in Germany.  This gives place of birth as sokolniki wilno and mother’s name as Julia August. My father did not talk about his life before he came to New Zealand other than he had a sister who went to America.  Need help finding which website to search to try and find parish records.