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All surnames Jonas, Stiller,
All places Czarny Dunajec, Podszkle, Podwilk, Piekelnik, Jablonka, Rabka, Nowy Targ
Research notes I am researching my family roots in Poland.

My father, Jonas Josef was born  1920 in Czarny Dunajec were he lived untill WW2 with his family. His mother, Sala Stiller-Jonas, his father, Gershon (Georg) Jonas and three sibling: Dolek, Lea and Lala were murdered by the Nazi. Lea and Lala were hidden by farmers in the surroundings but were caught by tne Nazi. In Czarny Dunajec they lived in Rynek 6 and had a bakery. 

As I know only my father and two of his cousins that lived in Czarny Dunajec, survived the holocaust.