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All surnames Burkiewicz, Sulek
All places Gmina Dzierzkowice, Lublin, Kraznik, Warsaw
Research notes My grandmother Julia Bernice Burkiewicz was born in 1891 came to the USA in 1906 and sister Waleria Burkiewicz was born 1894 and came to the United States with a child later on

There is suggestion that Julia and Waleria had a male sibiling (name I would like to know) and that their parents died (names I would like to know) therefore the children were raised by an aunt and uncle, names I would like to know.

Ships passage documents indicate they came from Dzierzkowice, Poland and perhaps born in Gmina Dzierzkowice, Poland

A family member suggested Kraśnik, Poland and I have also heard Lublin referred to several times.

My grandmother always indicated she was from the country side and close to a lake where she learned to swim. Apparently her parents house was bombed and only a basement remained. I would like to know how her parents died as well.