Personal Page: Evil Queen

All surnames
Plewa, Marcisz, Kaczmarczyk, Iwan
All places
Wisniowa, Dobczyce , Kobielnik, Szynwald
Research notes
Both sets of paternal Great Grandparents are from Poland. I am looking to find out as much as I can on my Polish ancestors and to connect with living relatives. 

My Grandpa's parents were Anthony J Plewa (I know first name could be spelled different) and Mary Iwan. Mary Iwan's info- born 15 May 1890 in Szynwałd, Diocese of Tarnów, Poland and died 12 Jun 1969 in Los Angeles, California. She was illgetimate. Her mother was Katarzyna Iwan from Poland. Mary was married to Jozef Bialon in Chicago, Illinios (24 Jun 1913) before Anthony Plewa. There was childern from that marriage as well. My Grandpa, Mathew Plewa was born in Detriot Michigan in 1919. He also lived in Girard, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. I don't know anymore about his parents then this. 

My Grandma's parents were Jozef Marcisz and Anna Kaczmarczyk. They were married in Chicago, Illinois on 5 May 1918. Jozef was from either Dobczyce or Kobielnik, Poland and born on 13 Sep 1893. He arrived to America 14 May 1913 through New York. His naturalization was 2 Oct 1935. He died in Chicago, Illinois on 4 Feb 1979. Anna was born 1 May 1895 in Wiśniowa, Poland. She arrived to America on the SS Finland through New York from Antwerp, Belgium on 30 Apr 1912. Naturalized petition was put in on 16 Nov 1944. They had 2 kids (my Grandma and her brother). Anna had either a half sister or step (we aren't sure which she is) named Janina Szymoniak. Janina was born in Poland on 1 Jul 1896. Her first name could be spelled wrong. I have seen different spellings. Janina was married to Stanley Lampa. I do not know anything more on them then this and the children they all had. 

I have done dna testing with Ancestry and uploaded it to other sites as well but not finding many in this area that match to this side of my tree. So please reach out if you have similar names to see if we are connected and can help with each other's trees.