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All surnames Djubina, Hoderewski
All places Lomza, Perm, Sluzk, Ukrain
Research notes Ivan Hoderewski

His father Alexsander, Mother Anna Djubina, brother Pawel & Piotr, Sister Luba & Antonia. Lived Lomza,  Sluzk , Perm Ivan drafted  Russian cavalry spent time  stalag I3D  stalag 2D.  Linz Austria Ellis Island 1952. US Pennsylvania.I did find Djubina name in the Ukraine so perhaps Anna Hoderewski nee Djubina was originally from there. We spoke polish at home since my mother was Janina Hoderewski nee Smiechowicz but I do remember my father saying that they had trouble communicating when they first met so he must have spoken Russian or Ukrainian? Births took place in Lomza poland Orthodox . I cannot find info on any  family only the third generation ago.  Is it appropriate  to use facebook since I found some Djubina in the Ukraine.   I was told my grandfather was Polish but my grandmother wanted to go back to Russia so I made the assumption they went back to Perm and that is when my father was drafted.

Anyone have any info for me it would be greatly appreciated.