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All surnames Wasilewski, Witkowski, Pietrewicz, Pszczulkowski, Kaminski, Ciszewski, Tombek, Sulcofski
All places Biala Woda, Burdyniszki, Lekno, Regdaszes, Jeleniewo
Research notes My grandmother's family was from northeast Poland. My great-grandmother always spoke of her village Biala Woda; she was baptized in Wigry parish and the family lived in Burdyniszki. Her name was Michalena Witkowska, daughter of Antoni Witkowski and Rozalia Pietrowicz. She married Franciszek Wasilewski and the family immigrated to northeastern Pennsylvania in 1911.

She had a relative Jan WIikowski (possibly a brother, nephew or uncle) who married Urszula Skindzier in Wigry parish; his son Wladislaw/Walter settled in Connecticut.

I know little about my great-grandfather Frank Wasilewski's family. He was from around Jeleniewo and listed his mother's name as Josefata Tombek.

My grandfather Stephen Sulcoski's family originally spelled the name Pszczulkowski and the name was changed to Sulcofski and then Sulcoski. His father was Jan but I do not know what part of Poland he was from. Jan married Stella Kaminski who was born in Pennsylvania; her parents, Jakob Kaminski and Franciska Ciszewski were married in Lekno parish near Posnan in 1888.