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All surnames Kocol, Kolpa, Krol, Mikula, Nedza, Maczko, Marek, Swietek, Witek, Goc, Guzy, Herud, Latko, Matusiak, Nowak, Noworyta, Zebrak
All places Kobierzyn, Lisia Gora, Poreba Wielka, Oswiecim, Lazy, Oswiecim, Grojec, Oswiecim
Research notes My current research is focused on my ancestors from Galicia, Poland - Jan Witek and Marianna Swietek from Kobierzyn, Tarnów; Pafnucy Latko from Poręba Wielka, Oświęcim; and Anna Goc from Łazy or Grojec, Oświęcim.  I am researching these surnames:  Kocoł, Kołpa, Król, Mikuła, Nędza, Maczko, Marek, Świętek, and Witek families from Kobierzyn and other villages in the Lisia Góra parish in Tarnów, Poland.  And the Latko, Matusiak, Guzy, Goc, Nowak, Noworyta, Zerbak, and Herud families in the Grojec Parish near Oświęcim. 

My grandparents came to the United States between 1904 and 1907.  They settled in Chicago.  Jan and Marianna moved to Wisconsin in the 1920s.

I do not have a website, but I do have family trees posted on Ancestry and MyHeritage, though they do not reflect the current state of my research as I only upload my GED file once or twice a year.  If you are researching any of the same families in Europe or the United States, I'd like to connect with you and share research.