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Research notes

My name is Fred Baniecki and I am doing some research on my family tree.  My family (grandparents) were from Czarny Dunajec, Poland.  Their names are Ferdynand Baniecki, born 1883, and Rozalie Stopka, born 1886.   They migrated to the USA and hence the reason I am writing this note.

I would like a copy (English version, if possible) of the book:
Czarny Dunajec and Vicinity — A Sketch of Its Annals up to 1945.

Edited by Feliks Kiryk. Secesja Publisher and Printer, Kraków

If not in English, I would want the Polish version.  I've had copies of pages of the book from a Margaret Hadshell here in the States.


I am also on Facebook.  Visit the Facebook page "Baniecki Times" that I created.  If you want an invite just ask..


Fred Baniecki
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