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All surnames Gorczakowski, Piaseczny, Sokol, Pietruszka, Zawacki, Wroblewska, Wujcik, Zabik
All places Podkamien Kolo Brody, Austrya Galicia, Glinik Dolnym-frysztak Galicia, Tarnow Region
Research notes

On my mothers side (Gorczakowski/Piaseczna) my roots extend cleanly to Podkamien. My grandfather, Dominik Gorczakowski and my grandmother, Michalina
Piaseczna were married in Podkamien kolo Brodiw in 1904. Dominik immigrated to the United States in 1906 and Michalina followed in 1909. Dominik left two bothers and a sister in Podkamien. Michalina left two sisters and a brother named Michal Piaseczny. Michal married Willianna Wroblewska (?). Michal had three children: Bronisnlaw Piaseczna, Ksawera Piaseczna, and Minnie Piaseczna. And that is where our family search on my mother's side ends. We have very scanty information about the parents of Dominik and Michalina and we would like to extend our knowledge of our ancestors. Family stories indicate that Dominik and Michalina owned a home and possibly land. Ownership of the home was handed to Michal Piaseczny. 

On my father's side (Wujcik/Pietruszka) we have clear path with Grandmother Wujcik to Glinik Dolnym but have no information where Grandfather Pietruszka came from. We suspect the Tarnow region. Marii Wujcik left Glinik Dolnym in 1903. There were seven children in the family and all but one, Sofia, immigrated to the United States. We have little to go on to trace Lawrence Pietruszka other than a possible birth year of 1870.