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All surnames Biblis, Waszkiewicz, Jarocki, Iwaszkiewicz, Dragun
All places Lipniszki, Szemietawa, Czobryn, Swir
Research notes My grandmother, Mihalena Waszkiewicz Biblis arrived in the United States on September 4 1913 on the Carmania from Liverpool to New York. 
The ship's register lists her previous address as Vilna. In all my searching, I found that her husband Boleslaw Biblis arrived in New York on the California travelling from Glasgow on June 2, 1913. That ship's register states that my grandfather was meeting up with his brother-in-law Nikodem Waszkiewicz. Through the fine genealogy research done by Aleksander and Daniel at PolishOrigins, I now know my great grandparents were Wincenty Biblis and Antonina Jarocka in Czobryn, and Wincenty Waszkiewicz (also listed as IWaszkiewicz and as Gul-Waszkiewiz) and Agata Dragun in Surwily.

I knew that after my grandparents arrived in the states, they lived amongst relatives in Chicago, IL before heading out to Western PA for work in the steel mills along side their Jarocki cousins.