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All surnames Harwanko, Harvanko, Garvanko, Bilecki, Bielicki, Biletski, Biletsky
All places Dobromil, Poland, Galicia, Dobromyl, Ukraine
Research notes I am trying to find my relatives in Dobromyl, Ukraine. 

My great grrandparents were born in Dobromil, Poland. I know that they were very involved with the Catholic Church. In the early 1940's they were taken to Ruit, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany by the Nazis and placed in a labor camp. There they had my grandfather, Yaroslav Bilecki (1942). In November 1948, they emigrated to the United States via Boston, Massachusetts and settledi n Wilmington, DE.


Great Grandparents:

Maria Harvanko (1921)

Mikhail Bilecki (1919)


Possible relatives that were born in Dobromyl:

Eustachy Stanley Harwanko (1916)

Anthony Harwanko (1897) + Helen Harwanko (1895)

Julia Harwanko (1898)

Michael Harwanko (1894) + Olga Harwanko (1904) + Myron Harwanko (1921)