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All surnames Pionk, Schultz, Wsolek, Wojcik
All places Swarzewo, Puck, Wladyslawowo, Olpiny
Research notes I will be visiting Poland in late June, 2019 and will visit the Puck area to connect with my Polish Origins. I know maybe 10 Polish words.

My mother's family was Polish on both sides. Her parents, Anna Schultz and Leo Wojcik, were Polish-American and her grandparents were all four from Poland.

I have some basic information about the Pionk family in the Puck area from 1780s to 1873. I have limited information about the Schultz family in Puck. My great grandparents, Anna Pionk and August Schultz, departed Poland in the early 1880s, destined for Chicago, Illinois, USA, where they were married in 1883 and then homesteaded in Grenville, South Dakota, USA in 1884. Anna and August Schultz and their children all spoke Kashubian/Polish.

I have very limited information about the Wojcik family. Victoria Wsolek (born 1860) and Joseph Wojcik (born 1845) were both born and married (1877) in Olpiny, Poland. They departed Poland in 1879(?) and settled in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA, where they were farmers. Victoria and Joseph Wojcik and their children all spoke Polish.