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All surnames Kwiatkowski
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looking for any information at all or records about my GG Grandparents Johann
Kwiatkowski (aka Jan/John Shakofsky), his wife Katarzyna Makowska (aka Katrina
Makofsky), and both of their parents. We have very little information to go on.
We think Johann was born in in Subkow around 1841, and Katarzyna born in Maly
Garc 23 Aug 1843 and that they were married in Maly Garc 16 Oct 1869. Their
parents are unknown. They had 2 children - Pauline born 1871, and Franz born
1872 before departing for Australia in 1872. Between translations, language and
loss of records we have run out of clues. I’m am travelling to Poland later
this year and would dearly love to visit their homelands and know more about
their families. Any information or pointers would be greatly appreciated.