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All surnames Wolak, Kaszel, Schneider
All places Kochavina, Strychauce, Galicia, Stryj, Rudki
Research notes I am looking for the family of Andrzej Wolak, who emigrated from Poland via Germany in 1949. He is said to have traveled with his wife and child via the Auswanderugslager / displaced persons camp in Bockhorn, Lower Saxony.

Andrzej Wolaks has the following Catholic baptism papers:
Andrzej Wolak, b. Nov 8, 1902 in Kochavina, Galicia, Poland
Son of Michael Wolak, blacksmith in Strychauce near Kochavina and Anna Vogel.
Grandson of Eduard Wolak and Elisabeth Schneider
Andrzej married Anna Kaszel (born Dec. 6, 1900) on Aug. 3, 1926 in Stryj, Poland. Anna's parents were Joseph Kaszel and Maria Fedyszym? - Farmers from the district of Rudki.
Family research on the internet has nothing to it. Where is the best way to find old Polish data? I'm grateful for any help as my mother is 85 and I want to take her on tour to Poland. Anna Kasel/Wolak is her mother, my grandmother.