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Butkewicz, Butkiewicz
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Lithuania, Riga, Vilnius, Poland
Research notes

My name is George Budricks from South Africa, and Im doing
research on my family surname. Our surname was changed, to Budricks for reasons
I have only heard on hearsay, from the rest of my family.

My great grandfather as I have it, was born
in Riga Latvia, and grew up in the Vilnius region. His date of birth was 30
April 1882. His name was Stefan (Butkewicz or Butkiewicz), the correct spelling
is not known to me.

This is what I know and need to research to
make it factual.

Apparently his Grandfather, forename not
known to me, was a member of a noble family, with last name Butkewicz or

Rumour has it that he was a Baron. His son
Karl Butkewicz or Butkiewicz, was the farther of my great grandfather Stefan Butkewicz
or Butkiewicz. His mothers name was apparently Alexandra. They were of noble
family decent. Stefan Butkewicz or Butkiewicz could speak 5 or 6 different
I do have photographs of his father
Karl and mother Alexandra.

Stefan fled Poland, or Lithuania, and went
to England. He then came over to South Africa with the British troops for the
Anglo Boer war. We believe that he changed the surname to Budricks before he
entered South Africa, but where and when this was done we don’t know. We do
also know that he had a brother George and sister Alexandra that also came over
to South Africa. ( it is also known there was other brothers but where they
went is not known. George was killed in a strike in Johannesburg South Africa,
and Alexandra immigrated after she married to Australia.

We have so many questions, why he fled, made
the decision to change the surname and not to be found. The brother and Sister
that followed him, also changed their surname to Budricks… We would also like
to trace our roots back to Poland or Lithuania