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All surnames Ofsoske
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Research notes Ofsoske - Orsofsky - Offorski - Osofske - Ozoscki - Ofskia

My Great-Great-Grandmother, Augusta Ofsoske, was a German citizen born on the 19th of May 1864 in Danzig, Prussia (now Gdansk ,Poland). She left Germany in 1874 but was too young to remember the name of the ship/s that took her to New Zealand, possibly via New York.

Augusta & Eugenio arrived in Adelaide, South Australia in 1882. The same year & place their eldest child Emma was born. They were in Adelaide for 3 years before coming to Sydney.

 In 1901, aged 37, she married Joseph Venier (aged 35, born in Aiello, Austria). Her Marriage Certificate names her Father as Martin Ozoscki, whose occupation was Miner. Her Mother is not named but described as deceased.

I'm seeking information that may be able to trace her path from Gdansk to Sydney and to discover some of her ancestors.