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All surnames Romanczuk, Domyslawski, Basok, Butkiewicz, Butkiewitz, Domswski, Domzslanski
All places Suwalki, Warszawa, Kowalonki, Krzemieniec
Research notes I believe I finally found my grandfather's Ellis Island record. According to this record, Jan Domswski (Domyslawski), arrived in New York on Feb. 28, 1906, on board of a ship sailing from Bremen. He was 26. There are some adnotations made next to this entry, in 1939, but I do not know what the numbers stand for. The record states that his destination in the US was the dwelling of his brother in law - Jozef ....cki. I do not know Jan's story and would like to find out. All I know is that he later returned to Poland and that he fought during War War II with the Polish "underground" formations against the Nazis.