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Research notes Hello everyone! I am trying to find my great great Grandfather’s Surname . His name was Anthony Barlow. He was born in 1865-1868 Poland and arrived in the USA in 1890-1891. To put in bluntly my father became very estranged from his family (he passed away in 2005), and my brother and are the only ones left in the family. Anthony Barlow made a life for himself in Bayonne New Jersey which used to be super populated Polish community (also where my father grew up) where most of all my Polish relatives grew up. It was suggested to me from a distant relative that he name Barlow could be Barzydlo, but I cannot find any correlation with the time for a Barzydlo and Anthony Barlow. I have been searching and cross referencing names and document searches for 2 weeks now filling up my family tree on ancestry .com but cannot find his actual Polish Surname. I have gone through ship registered passengers, etc., I am exhausted. He literally doesn’t seem to pop up on the radar until 1900 in a census in Bayonne,NJ with his wife Johanna(also Juana) and kids. I have had a quote from a genealogist explaining my very detailed and long winded story of my family of all the info and they are confident they can find the name and few generations back into Poland for $3,750.00USD....!!! I certainly DO NOT want to pay that!!! Any help from any of you, pointing me in the right direction or suggestions would be EXTREMELY appreciated!! No matter how many marriage and birth records websites I search through, I cannot tie an Antonius Barlow(with any number of Polish Derivatives) and a Johanna Czechowski her maiden name according to 1939 Bayonne New Jersey newspaper. I have called their church, and even with children's baptisms they signed Barlow. They were way too commited to this name change! On Anthony's tombstone it is listed at Anthony Balo, as well as the 1928 newspaper listing of his death.