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All surnames Walec, Burdzy
All places Przyszow, Grebow
Research notes Hello

My name is Salvatore .

I am of italian/polish descent, my grand mother Franzeska Walec was born in 1919 in Przyszow , Stalowa Wola County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship.

Her parents were Simon Walec and Magdalena Burdzy, they got married in Grebow in 1895.

Our grandmother has 1 sister and 1 or 2 brothers, which we believe were called Sczepan and Marcyn WALEC.

She emigrated to France in 1937, and we lost trace of our polish family since then .

We are now trying to reconnect with them .

Can any one help me with answers to the following questions ?

- In which parrish can I find today records related to the birth of my grandmother and the wedding of her parents ?

- Is there any data base with church records for this area of Poland that I can question ? 

  I am interested in births between 1895 and 1920

Thanks in advance for your help !

Kind regards