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All surnames Polcyn, Polczyn
All places Potulice, Ludomy, Zelice, Rogozno, Ryczywol
Research notes Paternal ancestor research starting in Potulice (Wagrowiec today) and spanning out from there. Period is early 1800's and earlier when possible.

Challenged by not knowing Polish, German or Latin (but learning at least key words/phrases).

My family tree is upon the Ancestry website (Polcyn / Pares Family Tree).

My grandparents were born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.  Great-grandparents were born in or near Potulice Poland.  Great, great-grandparents had other children baptized in Potulice. Some coming to the US, some not.

Surname spelling does vary across source documents found thus far.  Polcyn, Polczyn, Policen. For time being I am resisting other formats of the name (such as: Polczynski or Polega).