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Research notes I have always heard that my grandfather Vincent Janus and his brother Frank Janus were born or lived in Wadowice, Poland. I believe my grandfather Vincent was born on April 3, 1894, and arrived in the US in 1913. His father's name was Mikolaj Janus and his mother's name was Agnes Tabak.  I have seen the last name spelled Janusz at times.  Supposedly he came with 2 brothers, but only Frank stayed with him and settled in the US. The other brother, whose name I do not know, returned to Poland. After doing some research on Ancestry, I have found my grandfather's birth place listed as both Austria and Germany. This is all the information I have, and have been unsuccessful in confirming any of the information from Polish sources. I am thinking about traveling to Poland this summer and would love to find some information about my Polish ancestry.