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All surnames Tadday, Gorray, Dzendzel, Zemlan
All places Wielbark, Warmia-masuria, Wisloczek, Podkarpackie
Research notes My paternal ancestors lived in the Masuria region of the former East Prussia (today part of the Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship) and in the Sanok region of Galicia (today Podkarpackie Voivodeship). Both grandparents emigrated to North America, separately, in 1914. My grandfather's surname was Tadday and his grandparents were named Taday, Kaczmarczyk, Gorray, and Grabowski. They were Masurians in East Prussia. My grandfather was born in Willenberg (Wielbark). My Grandmother's surname was Dzendzel and her grandparents were Dzendzel, Wawryk, Zemlan, and Zemlan. They were Lemkos and lived in the village of Wisłoczek. I would not expect to find relatives living in these places today because these groups were uprooted after WW2.